Our Honeymoon and a disastrous drink in Cape Town

We considered various destinations for our honeymoon. Thailand, Bali, Maldives, Zanzibar perhaps? We settled on Cape Town, it is a few hours away  from Durban, (2 hours 10 minutes to be exact) and a very affordable destination.

What a spectacular city.  I rate Cape Town as the most beautiful city in the world. The last time I visited Cape Town I was 6 and at that age, you don’t really appreciate or recall the natural beauty of the place.  Cape Town is beautiful from every angle. We stayed right on the beach in an apartment at Sunstays Lagoon Beach, Milnerton and hired a vehicle to make our way through the city.


Our view from a restaurant located at the Sunstays Lagoon Beach.


View from atop our apartment.


The V & A Waterfront is a lovely vibrant area with lots of shops and restaurants to wander around in. We met a local seal here. Boy do they stink. We could smell him before we could actually see him. I’m assuming it was a boy by his smell of course. 🙂



Promenade at the V&A Waterfront.



Is this a giant ice cream?

In Camps Bay you have many lovely bars / restaurants along the sea front, to stop at and watch the world go by. Above Camps Bay town (along the slopes of the mountain, and splendid  views over the bay, you can have a lovely casual lunch at The Rumbullion, which has outdoor tables in the grounds of a restaurant called The Roundhouse.


Camps Bay: Accustomed to the warm Indian ocean in Durban, the water here was way too cold for my skin. I chose to enjoy the ocean from afar.

In Hout Bay, we did as everyone else, and had a meal at Mariner’s Wharf on the harbour edge. It has a very “harbourlike authentic fishermens’ style atmosphere”, but my own view is that it is a tourist trap and the food is mediocre.The harbour area is very pretty though, and we found several resident seals in the water and seagulls in the sky.

Chapmans Peak Drive is really spectacular to drive along. It’s a toll road, but has amazing views, and it’s worth the toll.







Of course, a trip to Cape Town would be incomplete, without visiting a Winery. The Constantia valley is conveniently close to Cape Town, and has really lovely wineries. We enjoyed a less famous estate called Constantia Glen, which is a nice, casual relaxed place with some tables located almost in the vineyards, with amazing views, and not too expensive wines, to enjoy. I have never drank a glass of wine since this day. On our way back to our apartment, I vomited every bit of wine out in the car.  Luckily I shouted out that I was going to vomit and my hubby with flash like speed grabbed a packet which was lying in the back seat. I managed to vomited in the packet, however I still puked on the car seat as well. Yuk! When we arrived at the apartment, he dutifully cleaned up the mess, whilst I had a shower and hit the bed, much to his dismay.


Constantia Glen Estate


Cape Point, inside the Table Mountain National Park is impressive and spectacular from a natural beauty point of view. It’s where the two oceans meet, and is very rugged, offering amazing views & nice hikes. It is in the southernmost tip of Cape Town’s peninsula. Unfortunately it was quite windy on this day and we could not see the dividing line between the Atlantic and Indian Ocean.





Despite booking our tickets in advance to visit Table Mountain, we waited in the queue for almost 2 hours. It was really hot and exhausting. Was it worth the wait? Probably not. Since we could see similar views from various other sites. However, how else are you going to acclaim that you were on top of Table Mountain. If you have not experienced travelling up  a cable way, then it is definitely worth the wait. You can also opt for hiking up the mountain. Perhaps on our next trip. 🙂





Can you spot the bird? Reminded me of  Zeus, my  eclectus parrot that flew away. Miraculously he flew right back home 2 days later.




Our favourite location was Signal Hill. There is such a peaceful, tranquil vibe to it. You will see local families come out with a bowl of KFC and drinks. We also enjoyed watching people paragliding just above the ocean.  We bought drinks and a salad and watched the sunset.






Yes I love the sunset!

Unfortunately we did not have an opportunity to visit Robben Island, tickets were sold out for the entire week that we were in Cape Town. I warn you to book well in advance.  At least this gives us a reason to head back to the beautiful city Cape Town. 

♥ PS ♥


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