Destination: Dubai

The great Dubai, driven by a desire to create the biggest, the tallest, the most expensive, and outrageous structures. From sky scrapers, indoor skiing parks, 7 star hotels, gold souks, not forgetting the most expensive marathon in the world.

On my first visit to Dubai, I swore that I would not go back. I listed it as my worst holiday experience. This was largely due to the fact that a holiday for me, meant shopping and given the exorbitant prices and a weakening rand,  I was unable to purchase a single item, except a  jacket. Yes I required a jacket as a result of the dreadful weather experienced in the desert. It was cold and rainy! I kid you not.  

However, in March 2016, I did make my way back to the money centric city. This time out of necessity, as my mum had recently taken up a job offer and I missed her terribly. I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed my stay. During my limited time in Dubai, we experienced the rollercoaster ride called Dune bashing through the sand on the desert. We were then treated to a feast, while we watched the dazzling belly dancers on the soft white sand. This is a must and for many the highlight of the trip!


We also enjoyed a short camel ride on the desert.  It does get quite chilly in the evening and I suggest you carry a light jacket/shawl.

My mums apartment is walking distance from the Mall of Emirates, this is where the Ski Dubai Park is located. There are lots of indoor rides and a chairlift where you can view the entire park. We also attended a penguin show where you learn and get to touch and take pictures with the penguins.   I also played a fishing game and won this huge pink penguin.  🙂


Many of our hours were spent in the Dubai gold souk. We purchased my wedding jewellery here. I can’t say that it was cheaper, but it was definitely unique. 


The tallest building, the Burj Khalifa is where you are able to see an aerial view of the city. I recommend you book in advance, as it tends to get quite busy. You can easily book online. We got last minute VIP tickets, of course these were really expensive, as is everything in Dubai, but it was worth the experience. We did not have to follow the long queues and on our arrival we received a chocolate and various teas. We were fast tracked on our way up the tower as well as on our way down.The first 15 floors of the tower are occupied by the Armani Hotel. Fast and Furious 7 was shot at this location. 

If you head to the Dubai Mall, you can easily access the entrance to the Burj Khalifa. I also thoroughly enjoyed the  musical fountain, located at the Dubai mall where you can see the Khalifa. It lights up as the music plays. We had dinner in a restaurant as we watched the show.

I also experienced my first Emirati wedding.  What an extravagant affair.  Here are some of the desserts we were treated to. 


There is so much to experience in Dubai, other highlights include the Palm, Jumeriah Beach, Ferrari world which is located in Abu Dhabi and the Dhow Cruise.

As a result of my unexpected pleasant stay in Dubai,  I’m heading back in March/April this year with hubby 🙂


Comment if you want to hear more, and share your experience in the city of Dubai.


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