19 Days & Counting…

So, I’m getting married…in 19 days and counting. It’s been and still is a stressful ordeal. It’s taking place in where else but the beautiful Durban 🙂

Ric & Presh 27

People keep asking if i’m nervous, urgh….. No. Should I be? I must say I am eagerly awaiting the day – MRS SOOKRAJ


It is a hindu wedding, which means it is a long affair.  There are pre-wedding ceremonies which are to take place 2 days prior to the wedding and then another event after the wedding. That’s 4 days in total!  I am excited to experience the festivities, the array of colours and of course the aromatic flavours of indian food. I have become a foodie.

Throughout my student life I ate to live, I now live to eat! Whereas in my teens, I never cooked a meal in my life, expect the odd two minute noodles and chicken curry, whenever my mother returned to South Africa. I now cook everyday and do enjoy it. Not only cooking, but baking as well. I’ll share some recipes in due course.

I have finalised much of the wedding arrangements and have minor errands to run:

  1. Nail appointment
  2. Facial appointment
  3. Trial make up
  4. Cake tasting

I know, I should have attended to the trial make-up and cake tasting months ago, however It is difficult to make arrangements with suppliers, when one is living in Johannesburg and suppliers are located in Durban.

Please share your experiences and advice below…

Ric & Presh 30

♥ Preshanthi 


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